Introducing LF-1050N: 40ga Nylon Film

Nylon, also known as PA, is a time-tested material in healthcare packaging. Nylon is known for its consistent performance, flexibility and proven strength.



Raising the bar for medical packaging.

Oliver is pleased to introduce LF-1050N, our 40ga Nylon film. It is ideal for:

  • Those looking to upgrade from standard 48ga PET

  • Peelable sealant layer technology yields excellent visual appearance when peeled

  • Adhesive laminated to ensure robust inter layer bonds to reduce potential for film delamination

Whether you want to upgrade from 48ga PET to Nylon or simply exploring new ways to prioritize quality and performance, our 40ga Nylon to Tyvek® pouch is a durable packaging option for medical device manufacturers big and small. LF-1050N delivers the reliable performance you expect from Nylon.

Nylon is significantly better than PET for flex crack resistance.

A chart showing the number of pinholes in common packaging materials.