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Q&A: Navigating Change with Product Differentiation and Material Science

Read a recent article from Med-Tech Innovation with Tommy Smith, Technical Leader - EMEA, and Mandeep Sidhu, General Manager - EMEA, about the changes in demands and need for sustainability in the medical device industry.

New Film and Foil Materials Launched in EMEA

With various new materials locally sourced, Oliver is dedicated to providing local support in EMEA.

EMEA Stock Pouch Program

Don't let long lead times hold you back. With our Stock Pouch Program, we offer four pouch sizes with next-day shipping, constructed from DuPont™ Tyvek® and coated with our proprietary SealScience® water-based coating, making them compatible with various sterilization modalities.

Optimized Packaging Leads to 60% Reduction in Waste

Oliver and Medtronic partnered to redesign existing packaging with a focus on improving the carbon footprint and achieving cost savings.

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Meet Your Support Team

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith

Technical Leader - EMEA



Lee Hyland

Technical Engineer


Kevin Zacharias

Kevin Zacharias

Technical Director

United States

Kevin Fisher-1

Kevin Fisher

Technical Manager

United States

Technical Videos

ASTM F2096 (Bubble Leak Test Without Pinhole)

ASTM F88 - Seal Strength (Unsupported Method)

ASTM F88 - Seal Strength (Supported Method)

ASTM F1929 - Dye Penetration Test (Pass)

Impact Resistance (Paper Substrate)

Impact Resistance (Foil Composite)

Gelbo Flex Durability Test (Foil)

ASTM F1929 - Dye Penetration Test (Fail)

Vibration Test

Elevated Temperature & Humidity: Seal Creep Resistance

Gelbo Flex Durability Test

Gelbo Flex Durability Result

Drop Test

Altitude Test: Porous vs. Non-Porous Lid


Eurpose's SBA

Europe’s SBA: A 30-year Career and Counting

The April 2022 biannual gathering of the European Sterile Barrier Associationoffered its industry professionals business-as-usual – familiar discussions of healthcare trends, sterile barrier packaging issues, and group work on a member project, yet there was...

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ISO 11607 Rules

Packaging 101: ISO 11607

When you first enter the medical packaging industry, you’ll frequently hear about ISO 11607. But what does it mean, and why do you need to know about it? Here, we share the top six things you need to know about ISO 11607. 

  1. What is ISO 11607?

Let’s break...

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Advanced Recycling Conversations Start Here

Increasing sustainability throughout medical product development and packaging processes can feel like attempting to climb Mt. Everest in a pair of sneakers. Our industry is dominated by “one-of-a-kinds.” Our material requirements are demanding, often...

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patient and doctor

Customers First: How to Collaborate in a Niche Industry

Working in a niche industry, like medical packaging, comes with a responsibility to really understand your customers. The packaging you provide is specific and custom for each company, so the questions can vary greatly. Understanding the needs of all these...

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