Dispos a vent









A barrier package that allows for EtO or Steam sterilization. Our Dispos-a-vent® pouch provides the breathability needed for EtO or Steam sterilization and is easily converted to a barrier pouch prior to distribution.

Dispos-a-vent® barrier pouches are designed with a disposable Tyvek® or paper vent for maximum airflow during EtO or steam sterilization and a spacious high barrier film or foil pouch area for easy conversion after sterilization.

Package your device in a Dispos-a-vent® pouch for sterilization. After the sterilization cycle is complete, make a seal enclosing your device in the film or foil area of the pouch and cut off and dispose of the Tyvek® or paper vent. The result is a sterile device in a film or foil pouch with superior barrier properties.

Barrier Properties provided by Oliver™ various barrier films and foils include:

  • Oxygen - Typical value of <0.046 cc/m2/24 hr.
  • Moisture - Typical value of <0.101 g/m2/24 hr.
  • Light


  • Tyvek®
  • Papers
  • Films
  • Foils

Sterilization Methods

Autoclave (Steam) or EtO sterilization

Technical Innovation Award

Oliver™ is proud to have received a 2016 Gold Award in Technical Innovation from the Flexible Packaging Association for our Autoclavable Dispos-a-vent® Barrier Pouch. This award recognizes our commitment to developing creative and unique packaging solutions that meet industry expectations and needs. Read more