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Rapid Development. Greater Flexibility. Lower Cost.

Free sample photo.jpgThe pre-filled syringe market has experienced significant growth, increased competition, and growing regulatory pressure regarding cleanliness and quality.  For pre-filled syringe manufacturers, it may become survival of the fittest, with the advantage going to those who incorporate the full value chain into their go-to-market strategy.*  Although packaging is a small part of the overall manufacturing process, the right solution can contribute to zero escape leading to enhanced safety, greater flexibility, and lower cost.

Zone Coated 03.jpgThe pre-filled syringe market is advancing quickly, and Oliver is moving right along with it!  Utilizing the latest technological advancements, our Oclean® lids have been developed to meet the need for high-performance, ultra clean packaging. Processed and tested to meet the most demanding specifications, Oclean® can also be combined with Osurance® zone-coated lidding for the ultimate solution in enhanced cleanliness and safety.  Other product benefits for the pre-filled syringe market include:

  • Superior porosity to prevent sterilizer creep
  • Sealable across a wide temperature range
  • Impact resistant, even in cold temperature transport
  • High altitude creep resistance
  • Product compatibility for decontamination processes using vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)

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*Frost & Sullivan

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