Die-Cut Lids

Maintain Sterility with Industry-Leading Coatings

Oliver's die-cut lids are created to meet your requirements across a broad range of materials, combined with SealScience or Xhale adhesive coatings. The customizable lids offer superior seal, peel, and porosity characteristics and can adhere to various rigid tray substrates.
Die-Cut Lids for Medical Packaging  | Oliver Healthcare Packaging
Die-Cut Lids for Medical Packaging  | Oliver Healthcare Packaging
Die-Cut Lids for Medical Packaging  | Oliver Healthcare Packaging

Durable Package Protection & Sealability

Oliver die-cut lids provide durable protection and breathability. With decades of expertise, our knowledgeable design team can help you decide on the most appropriate lid material for your application.

Applicable Markets

  • Orthopedics
  • Drug Delivery/Pharmaceutical
  • Diagnostics
  • Cardiac

Common Applications

  • Syringe Manufacturing & Filling
  • Implants
  • On-body Wearables

Product Library

Choose from our comprehensive selection of customizable die-cut lids.

Product Education

Endoscopy Tray vs. CleanCut Card Footprint

Learn more about how your Endoscopy Tray holds up to a CleanCut Card Footprint.

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Oliver CleanCut Cards - Reliable Protection. Cost-Effective. Environmentally Friendly.

Oliver CleanCut Cards are designed to provide secure and efficient solutions for industries requiring precise handling and identification processes.

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Oclean® Lids for High Performance and Ultra Clean Packaging

Oclean® products are processed & tested to meet the demanding specifications for particulate, bio-burden, and endotoxins. Learn more about Oliver's Oclean® lids below.

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Reducing Airborne Particulate During Manufacture of Prefilled Syringes

This study sought to test and demonstrate variances in particulate levels produced by different types of coating technologies specifically for the drug delivery industry.

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