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Technical Information Recyclable Films

Learn more about the structure and capabilities of our new recyclable films. Download flyer.

Design to protect

Developing recyclable materials is just one way for Oliver to protecting patients and the world the live in. Learn more about our other sustainability efforts here.

Oliver-developed Materials

We are dedicated to the localization of our products here at Oliver. With various new materials sourced in EMEA, we can now serve our customers better than ever. Learn more.

Technical Information Oliver-developed Materials

Download this flyer to learn more about our Oliver-developed films and foils.

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The Impact of Radiation Sterilization Modalities on Flexible Sterile Barrier Packaging

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Meet Your Support Team

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith

Technical Leader - EMEA



Lee Hyland

Technical Engineer


Kevin Zacharias

Kevin Zacharias

Technical Director

United States

Technical Videos

ASTM F2096 (Bubble Leak Test Without Pinhole)

ASTM F88 - Seal Strength (Unsupported Method)

ASTM F88 - Seal Strength (Supported Method)

ASTM F1929 - Dye Penetration Test (Pass)

Impact Resistance (Paper Substrate)

Impact Resistance (Foil Composite)

Gelbo Flex Durability Test (Foil)

ASTM F1929 - Dye Penetration Test (Fail)

Vibration Test

Elevated Temperature & Humidity: Seal Creep Resistance

Gelbo Flex Durability Test

Gelbo Flex Durability Result

Drop Test

Altitude Test: Porous vs. Non-Porous Lid


advanced recycling

What is Advanced Recycling?

When talking about sustainability in healthcare packaging, the conversation almost always starts with recycling. It makes sense since medical packaging often includes plastic, therefore a primary focal point must be on processing plastic and other packaging...

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How Does Smart Design Contribute to Sustainability? A Beginner’s Guide to Sustai...

As we continue to learn more about the world we live in, we explore the best ways to support optimal conditions for humans and nature to co-exist. Creating a better world for present and future generations is important, and global sustainability is a key...

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Medical Packaging

Unpacking Sustainability in Healthcare Packaging

Over the past two and a half years, I have had the pleasure of co-leading the Kilmer Innovations in Packaging Sustainability and End of Life Solutions Group with Kiley Djupstrom.

Together, we have worked with a talented and passionate group of industry...

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Film medical packaging

A Film Is Not Just Film

When you say healthcare packaging, people often think immediately about sterilization methods. The focus of the conversation will then quickly turn to whether or not a breathable substrate is needed, what coating might work best, and the optimal sealing...

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