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Shorter Lead Times with Uncompromising Quality

Discover our new range of Oliver-developed products.
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Are you looking for high-quality and consistency in your materials? Shorter lead times? Material innovation? Now with lamination and extrusion technology, Oliver can service your needs with a higher quality product.

Oliver-developed films and foils are manufactured at our new site in Germany, which ensures:

  • Shorter lead times 
  • Greater supply chain control to meet your needs
  • Higher quality and consistency of materials
  • New innovative materials and sustainable options

Interested in learning more about Oliver-developed products? Our dedicated team of experts are here to help! Contact us below.

Photos & Videos

Packaging Design and Protection for Molecular Systems

High-Quality Film and Foil Technology

Forming Films for Medical Applications

Thermoform-Fill-Seal Films

Sample Collection with Culture Swab for Laboratory Testing

Local Manufacturing of Medical Packaging Materials

High Barrier Packaging for Ampules Used in Drug Delivery Systems

Laminated Foils

Drug Delivery Devices and Syringes Protected with Oliver's Forming Film Materials

Testing for Foil Materials

Packaging for At Home Diagnostic Testing

Impact Resistance for Foil Composite

Foil Material Development for Your Diagnostic Product Packaging

Extruded and Laminated Films

Thermoform-fill-seal Packaging Solutions for Diagnostic Swabs, Tubing, and More

Testing for Your Film Packaging

Interested in learning more about Oliver-developed materials? Contact us below!