At Oliver, we take corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship seriously. We know that by making the three Rs—reduce, recycle, reuse—a part of our culture, we're better positioned to support our customers in maintaining their own high standards of sustainability.

Leading by Example

By practicing responsible environmental management in all facets of our operations, we help ensure a more efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chain for our customers. Download our full sustainability report below to learn more.


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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint


Through the careful examination of electricity use and waste management practices used at our technical labs and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia, we are persistent in our pursuit of alternate means to lessen our carbon footprint.

Whether its instilling energy-conserving LED lighting upgrades, HVAC systems and windows, or mitigating emission levels resulting from employee travel and commuting, we are resolute in our effort to continually explore and utilize comprehensive green initiatives and technologies. By doing so, we're able to do our part in helping preserve the planet.


Reduced landfill impact


Globally reduced scrap material


Waste recycled in 2018

Reducing Waste Through Innovative Packaging

Simple Product Innovation reduces packaging by 20% to 30%

An oliver exclusive, our Clipless Catheter Dispenser is a sleek, one-piece, symmetrical design—optimized for device retention and ease of use. By eliminating the standard "clips", material waste is reduced by 20% to 30%—which also results in a smaller shipping footprint.


Oliver’s Award-Winning Dual Hoop Catheter DISK

Our Dual Hoop Catheter DISK continues to be on the cutting edge of medical device packaging design and was honored most recently as the winner of Packaging Design of the Year at the Healthcare Asia Medtech Awards 2021.

Because of its innovative design, catheter wires and procedural components are housed in one convenient system, eliminating the need to manufacture extra pouches, shelf cartons, and corrugated shipping boxes for each individual component.


We are passionate about supporting and strengthening our local communities through company-sponsored volunteer and fundraising events.

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Company Sponsored Learning and Development

When our employees are able to develop and expand their skills, capabilities and experiences, our company is better equipped to succeed.

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