About Us

Oliver is proud to help customers in the medical device, drug delivery & pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries with proven sterile barrier packaging solutions

Oliver is focused on providing high quality, cost effective packaging solutions that protect our customers' products throughout the rigors of sterilization and transportation. It is always our goal to exceed customer expectations for product quality and customer service. For nearly 50 years, Oliver has been a trusted leader in packaging expertise. 


Protecting the life inside. Watch our employee stories.


Who Is Oliver

At Oliver, we’re not a packaging company that happens to serve the healthcare industry. We’re a healthcare company that drives innovation in packaging. In other words, we take pride in truly understanding the market dynamics and regulatory environment in the medical industry. There are a few large players in healthcare packaging, but the majority of their resources--sometimes 80% or more--are devoted to markets with very different needs and quality standards, such as food packaging. Our singular focus in sterile barrier healthcare packaging is important since it allows us to deliver the solutions that matter most to our customers. 


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