Adhesive Coatings

Outstanding Barrier Strength. Easier to Validate.

SealScience water-based and Xhale hot-melt heat sealable adhesive technologies help provide superior results across various applications. The wide variety of formulations helps mitigate tears and delamination risks along with providing a visual indicator of seal integrity for more controlled aseptic presentation.
Heat Sealable Healthcare Packaging Adhesives | Oliver Healthcare Packaging
Heat Sealable Healthcare Packaging Adhesives | Oliver Healthcare Packaging
Heat Sealable Healthcare Packaging Adhesives | Oliver Healthcare Packaging

High Performance Adhesive Protection

Successful aseptic presentation of medical products is crucial when designing your packaging. Oliver’s adhesive technology, with optional blue tint for visual seal inspection, ensures your product arrives safe and secure. With tailored formulations for different properties such as adhesive/cohesive strength, adhesive transfer, hot tack, cold shock, and more, adhesives can help mitigate tearing and delamination.

Applicable Packaging

  • Pouches
  • Die-Cut Lids
  • Roll Stock

Product Library

Choose from our selection of adhesive coating technologies.

Product Education

The Fundamentals of Adhesive Coatings

Understanding why adhesive coatings are important and their impact on packaging materials will help you better design your sterile barrier system.

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Xhale® Hot-Melt and SealScience® Water-Based Adhesive Coating Technology

Oliver is the only company to offer both SealScience® water-based and Xhale® hot-melt adhesive with 40 different formulations for customizable solutions that meet our customers needs.

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Adhesive Tips & Tricks Every Medical Packaging Engineer Should Know

Learn the complexity of adhesive coating technologies, including when to use a water-based coating and when to use a hot-melt adhesive, how to mitigate some of the risk involved in sterilization & transportation and more.

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How Adhesive Coating Can Protect Your Medical Device and the Patient

Creating the right seal is crucial. Adding a coating to your packaging creates a secure sterile-barrier system; keeping your device and the patient safe.

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