Our leadership team is the guiding force behind all that we achieve as a global supplier of healthcare packaging solutions.
Photograph of Michael Benevento

Michael Benevento

President & Chief Executive Officer

Photograph of Douglas Kramer

Douglas Kramer

Chief Financial Officer

Photograph of Russell Douglas

Russell Douglas

Vice President — Global Operations

Photograph of Steven Pepe

Steven Pepe

Vice President — Global Marketing

Photograph of Anne Curwin

Anne Curwin

President — Americas

Photograph of Dr. Mandeep Sidhu

Dr. Mandeep Sidhu

Managing Director — EMEA

Photograph of Kenneth De Muynck

Kenneth De Muynck

General Manager — Asia-Pacific

Photograph of Brady Tong

Brady Tong

General Manager — China

Photograph of Adam Vincent

Adam Vincent

Director of Global Business Integration

Photograph of Kevin Zacharias

Kevin Zacharias

Technical Director

Photograph of Raj Jakhete

Raj Jakhete

Vice President — Information Technology

Growth at Oliver

The healthcare industry can change rapidly. At Oliver, we make a point of growing and evolving alongside our customers.

At Oliver, the patient has always been at the center of what we do. Which means that as our customers shift to consider the entire patient journey and innovate faster in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, we are prepared to meet their demands at scale.

1350Employees Around the World

12Oliver Global Locations

10%Increase in Jobs in The Last 5 Years

Our History

From our beginnings as a machinery company in 1890, to our transition into medical packaging in 1968, Oliver's history of innovation is what has enabled us to become an industry leader today.