Our Mission & Values

From the factory to the operating room, it is our mission to safely deliver life-saving products. Our packaging is designed to the industry’s highest level of quality and care, so that our customers can deliver longer, healthier lives.

Protecting the Life Inside

At Oliver, we understand the responsibility we have to the global healthcare market – to protect the medical devices within our packaging, thereby protecting the person whose life will be impacted by that device.

Protecting the Life Inside

Each product we package has the potential of having a life-saving and life-enhancing impact.

Exceeding Standards

Meeting standards is easy. Going above and beyond is what sets Oliver apart.

Employee Stories

It's our people who make our mission possible. Every team member at Oliver is unique, but we share a common dedication to product integrity and service excellence–always mindful that the most valuable thing we create for our customers and patients is trust. Listen to these Oliver employees share the positive impact packaging has had in their lives.

Steve Pepe

Innovations in medicine have the power to change lives. That potential drives us forward.

Katy LaRuffa

Oliver employees put everything they have into our packaging. Katy shares her personal story about how medical therapies helped her sister make the most of her time and live life to the fullest.

Our values make us who we are. From the packaging we produce to the relationships we sustain, they shape everything we do and grow with each lesson life hands us.

Clear Thinking
Customer Focus
Win as a Team
Include & Empower
Continuous Improvement