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Flexible Healthcare Packaging Solutions

125 years of innovation and customer-centered service. 42 years of medical packaging leadership.

Medical device, pharmaceutical, and drug/biologic companies around the world trust us to safeguard their products with sterilizable, cost-effective, and protective packaging. From design to the printed finished products, we deliver responsive solutions tailored to meet your specifications.

Oliver Healthcare Packaging Products

  • Lids
    We offer fully customizable lids featuring a combination of the right materials and adhesives to meet your specifications.
  • Pouches
    We have customizable pouches to fit your sterilization and material requirements, including some with puncture resistance.
  • Coated Roll Stock
    Our rollstock provides superior performance with coatings like Xhale® hot-melt or SealScience® water-based adhesives.
  • Barrier Packaging
    Our high-barrier film and foil packaging provides UV, oxygen, and moisture protection where barriers are needed.
  • Transfer Port Bags
    Our Isotech® bag offers a protective barrier for your product, and it’s designed to be used with isolators and filling lines.
  • Forming Film
    We offer a wide range of multi-layer films to meet your needs for thermoform-fill-seal applications.
  • Mounting Cards
    Secure your device during shipping and distribution with our custom-designed mounting cards.
Customer Focus

Superior Customer Support

We understand that if you produce medical and pharmaceutical goods, you carry the weight of patient safety on your shoulders.

At Oliver Healthcare Packaging, we help carry the load by staying in front of new developments shaping the industry and by following products every step of the way with testing, validation, compliance, and performance tracking.


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    Whether in our lab or in your facility, our engineers tailor solutions to your needs.

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About Us

About Us

From our founding as a 19th Century manufacturing company to our emergence as a 21st Century global leader in medical packing, our legacy has been one of innovative products and a commitment to excellence. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we bring the flexibility to meet the specific demands of each package required. We believe every healthcare product should be protected with the same care that goes into its design and production. We look forward to talking with you about how we can help protect what you have taken such care to produce.

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