Sealing Process

Making sure you have a repeatable and reproducible heat-sealing process is key to ensuring proper sealing, maintaining the sterile barrier, and passing testing. By understanding how to address and control sealing variables, you can achieve a proper seal. Below are the major factors that could affect your heat-sealing process.


Temperature has the greatest impact on your sealing process. Are your heat-sealing temperatures high enough to activate the sealant layer, while not over sealing the package?

Dwell Time

Dwell time has the second biggest influence on your sealing process. Does your dwell time allow for adhesives to properly activate and bond to the packaging materials?


The proper amount of pressure paired with dwell time and temperature is crucial to achieving a proper seal. More pressure is not always better. Instead of adding more pressure, can you adjust your dwell time or temperature to achieve a desired seal?

Material Choice

Based on your material choice, the sealing window can vary. Have you adjusted the sealing parameters for your chosen materials?


Does your sealing system have a consistent temperature that is evenly distributed? Are there monitoring/notification systems in place to prevent an operator from sealing a package in an invalid temperature range?
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