Maintain sterility and help ensure safety with our industry-leading lid solutions.

Fully customizable across a broad range of applications, our coated lids combine the right combination of materials and adhesives to meet your sterilization and packaging specifications. We don’t dictate a single coating; we are the industry leader with options like SealScience® water-based and Xhale® hot-melt adhesives. We apply the adhesive coating to suit your need; all over or only where specified with our Osurance® zone coat offering.


Features and Benefits

  • Superior porosity to prevent sterilizer creep
  • Sealable across wide temperature ranges
  • Impact resistant, even in cold temperature transport
  • High altitude creep resistance
  • Overcomes sealing challenges due to silicone-coated trays
  • Optimal zone coverage with Osurance® Zone Coat

Value Added Capabilities

  • Rotogravure, flexographic, and offset printing technology
  • Surface, reverse, and double-sided printing
  • Bar coding
  • Perforating
  • Lift tab application
  • Rotary or sheet-fed die cutting
  • Die-cut and square-cut
  • Osurance® zone coating


Our lids are fully customizable to a wide range of medical device and pharmaceutical applications, including:

  • Medical and surgical trays
  • Cardiovascular
  • Orthopedic
  • Implants
  • Catheters
  • Wound care components
  • Instruments
  • Suction tubing
  • IV tubing
  • Sterile kits
  • Labware components


  • Tyvek®
  • Ovantex®
  • Papers
  • Films
  • Foils

Sterilization Methods

  • Radiation
  • Autoclave (Steam)
  • Dry Heat
  • EtO sterilization
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization