Asked Questions

How do I get started with Oliver on a new project?

Contact our healthcare packaging experts to get started.

How do I get a sample?

We would be more than happy to ship you a free sample! Please fill out a sample form and specify your desired packaging solution, size, and any additional specifications along with contact information.

What off the shelf pouch sizes do you offer?

Within the Oliver Stock Packaging Program we offer DuPont™ Tyvek® in the following sizes:

Centimeters – 7.62cm x 15.24cm, 6.35cm x 43.18cm, 15.24cm x 25.4cm, 20.32cm x 30.48cm

Inches – 3” x 6”, 2.5” x 17”, 6”x10”, 8” x 12”

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Do you ship to my country?

Oliver Healthcare Packaging is a global company, and ships to all countries allowed by law. To ensure we provide the best service globally we have manufacturing facilities, offices, technical labs or storage facilities across the globe.

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Where can I find your ISO Certifications?

To view all our ISO certifications, visit our certification page.

Certification Page

What is the shelf life of my product and storage recommendations?

Our packaging and printing materials are designed for stability over long periods of time provided good storage and handling practices are exercised. In general, manufactured materials have a recommended shelf life of two years upon leaving Oliver shipping dock, depending on customer storage conditions.

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Where do I send my quality survey to be completed?

Many common quality survey answers can be found in our ‘Common Quality Survey Answers’ documents. If you have further questions, feel free to fill out our contact form and we’ll get it into the right hands.

You can also find our ISO certifications on our Certifications Page.

Where do I find regulatory information regarding my product?

To find information about your product, fill out the form below.

What’s the culture like working at Oliver?

Oliver is filled with people who are passionate about what we do and the impact we make in people’s lives. Our culture is rooted in five values: Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Think Clearly, Win as a Team, and Include & Empower. These values guide every decision we make, and every initiative we champion. 

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Where do I apply to join the Oliver team?
Please visit our Careers Page for current openings.