Introducing Oliver™

We are pleased to introduce Oliver™ as the new name for the combined companies of Oliver-Tolas and Mangar.

The transition from “Oliver-Tolas” and “Mangar” to Oliverhas begun and will progress over the year.

Along with the introduction of Oliver as our company name, our Oliver brand identity will replace “Oliver-Tolas” and “Mangar” on the following:

  • Our corporate identity materials such as business cards, trade show exhibits and company literature
  • Transaction documents including Order Acknowledgements, Packing Lists, carton labels, invoices and Certificates of Compliance (Note: While these documents reflect a new logo and design, the content remains unchanged.)

Our websites will integrate to Our team members e-mail addresses will change to reflect our new url,


The following items remain unchanged:

  • Our teams, our sites & our skills and knowledge
  • Day-to-day transaction details – Tax ID numbers, bank accounts, phone numbers, contacts, correspondence mailing addresses
  • Our Quality Management Systems
  • The Company’s Corporate Structure – Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging and Mangar Industries are wholly owned subsidiaries of Oliver Products Company now doing business as Oliver. As a result, there is no need to revise existing contracts or open orders.
  • Our business strategy and commitment to the highest standards of Quality and Service for Healthcare Packaging Solutions

Our rebranding efforts will continue over the next several months. We will keep you well-informed of any changes impacting you.

Our rebranding efforts