Medical Device Packaging as Told Through Design Control


Innovation and great ideas often come from times of crisis, and great packaging design is no exception. In the rush to get a new product to market, it’s important not to forget the role design plays in medical device packaging. It adds value to the overall user experience; in some cases, it even creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Oliver Healthcare Packaging's Director of Product Marketing, Jenn Goff, will share her experience in the industry, and why she believes that including packaging early on in the design requirement process is so important, especially during times of crisis.

During this free 60-minute webcast, you will learn more about:

  • The importance of including packaging early in the design requirement process
  • How packaging can add value to the overall user experience
  • Design control requirements
  • Specific examples of documenting packaging requirements within design control
  • How to determine risk and sample size 
  • Best practices for how to get involved in the process 

MD+DI recently posted an article sharing Jenn's responses to questions that could not be answered within the 60-minute webinar. Click here to read. 


J.Goff Professional Photo   
Jenn Goff 
Director of Product Marketing 
Oliver Healthcare Packaging







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