Emerging Trends in Japan and Korea


The Japan and Korea Medtech markets had a busy week, starting 17 May.

I had the pleasure of attending two major events, Medtec and COPHEX, held across these two Medical Device industry power houses. At each of these events, it was clear that there are some emerging trends, particularly around technology, in the healthcare industry.

Emerging Trends Observed at Medtec, Japan & COPHEX, Korea:

  • Digital Health and Connected Devices: With digital technology becoming more integrated into healthcare, this has become a significant trend. This includes the development of wearable devices, remote patient monitoring systems, telemedicine solutions, and other mobile health applications. These technologies aim to improve patient care, allow for remote consultations, and provide real-time health data for better diagnosis and treatment.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: AI and machine learning have been increasingly utilized in medical devices and diagnostics. These technologies can help analyze medical data, assist in medical imaging interpretation, support clinical decision-making, and suggest treatment plans. AI algorithms are employed in robotics and surgical systems for precision and efficiency.

  2. Care, Welfare, Robotics Device and Automation: Robotics and automation are being integrated into healthcare. Advancements in robotic technology continue to evolve. Robotic-assisted systems including using surgical robots have the potential to transform surgical practices.

  3. Advanced Imaging and Diagnostics: Innovations in medical imaging techniques and diagnostic devices have been a focus area. For example, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, and molecular imaging. These advanced imaging enable healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses, guide treatment decisions, and monitor patient progress.

  4. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: With the increasing use of digital health solutions and connected devices, cybersecurity and data privacy have become crucial concerns. Due to the sensitive nature of the data involved, protecting patient data and secured communication between devices, and implementing robust cybersecurity measures have been important topics in the medical technology industry.

After attending both Medtec & COPHEX, I am excited to see how the industry embraces these trends and what new ones emerge in 2024!

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