Foil Fundamentals: A Guide to Different Foils in Medical Packaging Applications

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This Oliver Healthcare Packaging webinar will dive into the essentials of foil as a packaging material, exploring when and why it's used, and what characteristics make it an effective barrier. We will challenge common assumptions about foil thickness, addressing whether thicker always means better, and highlight key considerations in the selection process. Drawing upon real-life experience and a deep understanding of packaging sciences, this webinar will help you navigate your foil options to ensure product protection and successful packaging performance.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a foil is and key considerations for choosing the proper foil structure for your application
  • Various characteristics of an effective foil barrier
  • The significance of foil thickness in packaging and whether thickness correlates with improved performance.
  • How foil thickness can contribute to flex cracking

Join Geoff Pavey, Technical Fellow at Oliver Healthcare Packaging, for a focused webinar on the critical role of foil thickness in medical packaging.


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