Perspiration to Inspiration in Wearable Devices


There has been plenty of talk about Wearable Medical Devices (WMD) in recent years. Wearable Medical Devices are one of the ultimate healthcare advancements for patients. A wearable can provide reassurance when monitoring a serious health condition, making them both convenient and empowering. The patient is alerted if something changes in their condition, building confidence, enhancing decision-making, and positively impacting daily life.

WMDs are a great example of innovation in the often-conservative healthcare field. That’s why, when we saw this story about a wearable necklace that only needs a trace of sweat to check glucose levels, we wanted to know more. We think you will, too. The miniaturization, the ultra-thin materials, the RF power conversion? Whatever your role is in packaging, it’s stuff like this that makes our hearts beat a little bit faster. 

wearable device
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