The Intersection of Sterile Packaging and High-Tech Advancements


When “high-tech” is mentioned, most of the time, very precise, fast moving, highly advanced technology comes to mind. Sterile packaging may not be classified as part of the high-tech industry itself, but it does rely on and incorporate various technological advancements.  

The utilization of advanced materials, sterilization technologies, packaging design tools, serialization systems, and other emerging smart design packaging solutions all contribute to the overall progress in the healthcare sector. These technological innovations play a crucial role in enhancing the patients’ safety and efficacy.

Over the years, advancements we have seen in healthcare packaging include:  

  • For example, HDPE CleanCut cards provide a sterile, lightweight and convenient way to hold devices like catheters and medical tubing.   

med tech n high tech network concept (1)
  • Determining the correct formulation to control seal strength and packaging specifications. 

  • Labeling technology and the designing instructions for use early. 

  • The ability to endure transportation across diverse climatic conditions and various physical risks. 

While sterile medical device packaging might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “high-tech”, it has seen a wide range of advancements over the years. Hear more about this topic during IVAM Forum: High Tech section, at the upcoming Medical Fair Thailand 2023. 


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