Performance Testing of Sterile Barrier Packaging


Flex crack, punctures, abrasion, and seal creep – these are all potential issues that can result in a breach of the sterile barrier. In this webinar, our healthcare packaging experts will shed light on the key dynamics at play during simulated transportation testing, helping you better understand the root cause of typical failures. Taking it one step further, they will also provide material selection guidance to help you reduce or eliminate the risk of failing a performance test.

Tommy Smith, Technical Leader (EMEA region) and Jeremy Elwell, Sr. Principal Engineer will walk through an overview of performance testing, giving you various root cause scenarios which explore where in the process failure occurred and discuss how to mitigate risk going forward. With real world examples, this is a webinar every packaging professional should attend! 

During this free 45-minute webcast, you will learn more about:

  • The effects of transportation, vibration and drop testing on sterile barrier packaging systems;
  • Typical modes of failure and what their root cause might be;
  • Best practices for sterile barrier packaging in order to mitigate future risk


Tommy Smith   
Tommy Smith
Technical Leader EMEA 
Oliver Healthcare Packaging
Jeremy Elwell
Sr. Principal Engineer 
Oliver Healthcare Packaging







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