Ostasis™ Reinforced Pouch

Ostasis Reinforced Pouch

Pass distribution testing the first time.

We designed the Ostasis™ reinforced pouch in response to medical device manufacturers’ requirements for a sturdy package that can provide protection against pin-holing and film fracturing created by blister trays or heavy and bulky devices. Ostasis™ pouches are reinforced with a DuPont™ Tyvek® strip on each end of the clear film side of the pouch for added puncture resistance. Package your device in an Ostasis™ reinforced pouch for added protection against the rigors of sterilization, distribution and storage.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding puncture resistance to prevent product breakthrough
  • Excellent film clarity for product visibility
  • Cost effective by avoiding costs associated with repeated distribution testing
  • Cost effective by avoiding the need for high cost puncture resistant films


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