Heat-Sealable Adhesive Packaging

Discover our heat-sealable adhesive coating, featuring a visual seal transfer.

A High-Performance Adhesive For Extreme Temperatures

SealScience® water-based adhesives are specially formulated to provide a visual seal transfer when peeled open, allowing easy inspection so nurses and doctors know that no voids exist and the product is still sterile. We can even tint the heat-seal packaging adhesives a shade of blue, which aids in the inspection process.

It is a highly forgiving water-based adhesive, it is easy for engineers to validate, and it works well with all types of sealing equipment. SealScience adhesives consistently outperform the water-based coatings of other industry leaders, keeping a uniform peel through a broad range of sealing conditions.

Featuring innovative adhesive technology, this heat seal is a high-performance adhesive in both cold and warm temperatures, and flexible with various transportation and sterilization modes.

Material Applications

Our research and development of proprietary heat-seal adhesive coatings led to the creation of SealScience, which adds function and value to:

  • DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • Papers
  • Films
  • Foils

Features And Benefits

  • Positive indication of seal integrity upon opening, provided by solid white or blue-tinted adhesive seal transfer
  • Seals at lower temperatures and higher speeds due to wide seal temperature range
  • Excellent cold creep resistance for package integrity
  • Uniform seal with controlled peelability for ease of aseptic presentation
  • Superior humidity and condensation resistance

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