The Unparalleled Xhale

Hot-Melt Adhesive

Xhale heat seal adhesive

Maximizes Anchorage And Substrate Breathability

Xhale® adhesive with sure-seal DotCoat® technology uses a hot-melt coating process to apply 100% solids in a uniform dot pattern. Our hot-melt coating process maximizes adhesive anchorage and substrate breathability while eliminating particulates. Adhesive dots merge during sealing, providing a caulked effect for strong seal verification.

Because there’s more openness in the substrate of the hot-melt coating, this allows for porosity and breathability during high-heat sterilization modes like EtO or steam.

Also, due to the way Xhale is made and processed, the adhesive glue sticks to materials significantly better than other hot-melt technology products on the market. This means it’s a cleaner product and won’t generate particulates.

Xhale Hot-Melt Adhesive Material Applications

Our research and development of proprietary hot-melt coatings led to the creation of Xhale adhesives. Xhale adds function and value to:

  • DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • Papers
  • Films
  • Foils

The DotCoat Difference

Xhale’s hot-melt coating cohesive separation allows for clean, smooth peelability.

Measure of porosity (in Gurley seconds):

  • Raw Tyvek (22)
  • Tyvek coated with Xhale (30)
  • Tyvek coated with competitors’ adhesive (140)

Xhale Hot-Melt Adhesive Features And Benefits

  • Save money with reduced EtO sterilization cycles and faster set-up and run speeds
  • Extraordinary porosity: breathability approaching uncoated Tyvek
  • Exceptional adhesive anchorage to substrate, eliminating risk of adhesive flaking onto the medical device
  • Mistake-proof verification of a strong seal when dots from proprietary DotCoat technology merge
  • Engineered dot height forms continuous, evenly coated surface with precise amount of adhesive
  • Unique cohesive separation formulation creates clean, smooth peelability
  • Superior humidity and condensation resistance
  • No yellowing over time from exposure to UV light, for high-quality device packaging appearance
  • Minimal pressure needed during sealing operations, which extends equipment life

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