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Suzhou, China

"Oliver has made significant investments in our global facilities, including several new Technical Centres located in key locations for the medical device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical industries. Our centres are staffed with technical experts with industry experience and are available to our customers to collaborate on activities including packaging design and innovation, testing and troubleshooting." 

- Kevin Zacharias, Technical Director  


The Technical Centre is a hands-on, collaborative environment where customers and prospective customers can work directly with our sterile barrier packaging experts to design, test and troubleshoot their packaging. The centre offers a variety of capabilities, including:

  • HDPE CleanCut Card design and rapid prototyping to increase your speed to market

  • Microbial lab for bioburden testing

  • Liquid particle testing

  • Accelerated aging 

  • Package integrity testing, including bubble leak testing and dye penetration

  • Package seal strength testing, including peel testing and burst testing

  • Material testing, including thickness, tensile, grammage / yield testing, and porosity 

  • Material analysis, including microscopic analysis and package failure evaluation

  • Troubleshooting for packaging challenges and process-related issues

  • Technical and design consultation


If you are interested in learning more, or coming in for a tour or consultation, schedule time with the team today.


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Regional Technical Leader


Fishor Liu Headshot_2
Fishor Liu

Technical Manager

  • 10+ years experience in medical packaging

  • Major in Applied Chemistry, direction of polymer materials

  • Experience with medical device packaging design, packaging testing and validation, technical analysis services


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