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Getting Started

Will your packaging stand up to your sterilization method? Will your materials withstand your product’s weight? Does an off-the-shelf solution exist? Getting started comes with a million questions. We can help you find answers.
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When time is of the essence, there’s nothing more essential than planning. Proper design considerations can help you avoid test failures. And our expert guidance can help you leverage packaging solutions with rapid prototyping, whenever possible.
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Managing Compliance Risk

The most effective way to avoid getting in trouble with ISO 11607 is to think about your packaging solution as early in the process as possible. Let us help you establish best practices to manage your risk.
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Failure Modes

Package design and material selection is critical, and must stand up to the real world stress of sterilization, distribution and end-user storage conditions. Learn how to right size effectively, avoid delamination and identify root causes of test failures.
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Sealing Process

Making sure you have a repeatable sealing process is key to ensuring proper seal strength and maintaining the sterile barrier. With many factors impacting your sealing process including temperature, dwell time and pressure, it can be challenging. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls in your sealing process.
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