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13,000 People Strong at MD&M West

Published on April 20, 2022

“It feels so good to be back in person” was a sentiment that was echoed loud and clear throughout the MD&M West event last week. 

 Last week, the Anaheim Convention Center was filled with over 1,400 exhibitors and 13,000 attendees—obvious that this year’s show was back to pre-Covid level participation. The many handshakes, conversations, and the common question of “so tell me what’s new” was evidence that attendees were happy to be back to face-to-face collaboration. 

 MD&M West is one of the Medtech community’s largest events in the United States, which allows for the sharing of knowledge through education. MD&M West is known for their educational panels and speakers, and this last week was no different. Their main stage presentations touched on important industry topics such as new medical product research and sustainability.  

 Sustainability was an educational topic, but it was also a conversation among attendees. As an industry, we continue to learn and understand what sustainability means for packaging in Medtech, as well as how to move it forward.  

 Another common discussion was around gaining a deeper understanding of the supply chain. Our industry is one of many that has been impacted by supply chain issues over the past couple of years and it was reassuring to hear from others that we’re all in this together. Discussions focused on identifying and mitigating the risks associated with increased demand.  

 The energy and buzz of this year’s show reminded us that as the world is evolving and learning to live with new complexities and challenges, the “old ways” of doing business—live and in-person—are just as important as they ever were. There is nothing like being face-to-face with friends, colleagues, and partners.  

Lori Najmola
Lead Qualification and Communications Specialist | Oliver Healthcare Packaging

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