Designing Smarter: Reducing Waste through Improved Packaging


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is here to stay. Companies across various industries are focusing on more than profit generation by integrating CSR initiatives as part of their strategy. They are actively making goals, pledges, and commitments to how they can be more socially and environmentally responsible. 

Every company that has a focus on CSR also has a different approach and meaning. The focus ranges from activities that impact their local community to how their product can be better created or disposed of with less of an impact on the environment.  

When it comes to medical packaging, the question we ask first is, what can be done to reduce waste from the start? Here are some key considerations to help with designing packaging with waste reduction in mind:  



  1. Collaboration with Suppliers: Engage and initiate communication with suppliers early in the process to explore more sustainable packaging options. They have the ability to offer valuable perspectives and suggest appropriate alternatives. 
  1. Mindful Material Selection: Designing medical packaging to utilize a single material or materials that can easily be separated for recycling. Manufacturers can assess the actual protective requirements of the medical product and design its packaging accordingly by choosing the right material thickness and associated strength properties.  
  1. Right-sizing Packaging: Numerous medical products are currently packaged with an excess of materials that do not correspond accurately to the product's size or quantity. Adjusting the packaging design to closely match the dimensions of the product can effectively eliminate unnecessary waste.  

The journey of reducing excess waste requires a conscious change in mindset. In the new year, why not start by looking at how you can reduce waste in your device’s packaging?  

Start your packaging conversations early by approaching your packaging company’s Engineering Support Teams. 

Engineering Support Teams
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