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Wishes for the Lunar New Year: Year of the Tiger

Published on January 31, 2022

On February 1st, 2022, our entire team in China, along with our Chinese partners and many people around the globe celebrate the 2022 Spring Festival and enter the Lunar New Year, the Year of Tiger. The tiger is one of China’s zodiac symbols. In Chinese culture, the tiger is an ambitious and energetic animal. It symbolizes dignity, passion, and confidence, and is resolute in its approach to goals and tasks.

After the extraordinary challenges in supply chain and the continued global pandemic in 2021, we all welcome 2022 with renewed resolve and the wisdom gained from the changes and dynamics of 2021.

We were fortunate to see Oliver’s business in China experience growth in 2021. Achievements included the introduction of several new products, such as the Dispos-a-vent® barrier pouch. This autoclavable pouch provides moisture protection and addresses increasing regulatory requirements by reducing the risks of critical medical devices.

We were also proud to have our material selected for packaging on many of the new vaccine products to advance public health for years to come.

Sustainability and innovation objectives continued to be met through HDPE CleanCut Cards. HDPE cards have become a preferred option for cardiovascular and orthopedic device packaging. Customers enjoy the ability to customize and receive quick, iterative support from design to end-state packaging.

As part of Oliver’s focus on delivering state-of-the-art and maximum capacity to the market, we completed the expansion of our ISO Class 7 clean room. This project is set to become operational in Q1 2022. Upgrades included integration of the latest digital technology within the cleanroom environment for the highest performance and reliability.

We understand the uncertainty that remains, and we are excited about the New Year of Tiger, as we are sure you are. We are looking forward to working together with our customers and partners to overcome the day-to-day business challenges, continue to develop innovative products and processes, and to improve patient safety.

Again, join us in welcoming the New Year of the Tiger, on behalf of our entire China team, I wish our friends and customers health and prosperity in both your lives and businesses!

Brady Tong
General Manager, China | Oliver Healthcare Packaging

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