Your 2022 Top 5 PackTalk Articles


When we launched our PackTalk blog three years ago, our goal was simple: Create a community – a way for industry experts to connect with one another about the latest news, innovations & trends in healthcare. Each week, we showcase varying perspectives on trending hot topics like overcoming supply chain barriers, sustainability efforts, innovations that are transforming the healthcare industry, and educational articles that help keep you in the know. We enjoy sharing these articles with you each week and we’re glad you like them!

Here are our most popular articles of 2022: 



#5: Sterilization 101: What You Should Know as a Packaging Engineer 

Did you know? There are three types of sterilization modalities: Heat, Chemical, and Radiation. As a packaging engineer, it’s important to know how each sterilization method is different, how to select the best material for your sterile barrier system, and why it’s important. READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

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#4: Packaging Trends and Advice from Industry Experts 

At the beginning of the year, we asked packaging experts across the industry to weigh in on emerging trends shaping the future of healthcare and their strategic priorities for their teams. Do they align with yours?  READ THE FULL ARTICLE 



#3: How to Beat the Odds: Avoid Packaging Pinholes 

Packaging engineers are often all too familiar with the common packaging failure: the dreaded pinhole. Avoid discovering packaging failures and the impact it can make on the overall cost and speed of the project.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

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#2: Unwritten Rules of ISO 11607 

Many industry veterans know that parts of ISO 11607 are up for interpretation. There are sections you must follow implicitly, and there are areas that are left open to your organization to determine how they apply. Our experts walk through the areas of the standard that are more open. READ THE FULL ARTICLE 



#1: Packaging 101: ISO 11607 

When you enter the medical packaging industry, you’ll often hear about ISO 11607. But, what is it? How is it to be interpreted? What does it take to comply? This article shares the top six things you need to know about ISO 11607.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE 





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