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Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging Hosts Nation's First HcPIE

Published on January 1, 2010

In collaboration with Michigan State University (MSU), Oliver-Tolas® Healthcare Packaging developed and hosted the nation’s first ever Healthcare Packaging Immersion Experience (HcPIE), and continues to support this annual event.

The Healthcare Packaging Immersion Experience is a unique educational event designed to allow medical device packaging professionals to:

  • Study the performance of medical device packaging in the operating room and emergency department environments.
  • Interact and exchange ideas with experienced patient care teams currently working in the industry.
  • Address current trends, needs, problems and solutions in medical device packaging.

The 2-day event brings together medical device packaging professionals and healthcare practitioners in a state-of-the-art healthcare simulation facility at MSU’s Learning and Assessment Center (LAC) to experience the contextual performance of medical packaging in both the operating room and emergency department.

Participants experience a simulated surgery, including the preparation of the operating room and medical device, and an emergency department trauma event. Following the simulations, the packaging professionals participate in a facilitated round-table discussion with the doctors and nurses to analyze the performance of the packaging in the contrasting environments.


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