Defining and Measuring Recyclability of Medical Packaging


Recyclability refers to the capability of a material to be sorted, reprocessed, and reused in manufacturing. It's not just about whether a product can be put in a recycling bin; it’s about how it's processed and reclaimed as a valuable resource. Recyclability encompasses several factors, including the ease of its disassembly, the value of the recyclable materials recovered, and the environmental impact of the recycling process.

That's where Institute Cyclos-HTP comes into the picture, offering a scientific and standardized method to assess and certify the recyclability of medical grade packaging. Established in 2014 and based in Germany, Institute Cyclos-HTP is a leader in the field of testing flexible packaging for its recyclability.  


The institute provides a comprehensive catalog for requirements and evaluation that serves as the basis for assessing the recyclability of packaging materials. This assessment includes analysis, sorting, processing, and recycling capabilities testing​​​​. 

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The institute’s certificates are recognized in many European countries, including all EU member states, the UK, Norway, and Switzerland. This wide recognition is essential for companies operating in multiple markets, ensuring their packaging complies with international standards of recyclability​​. While these certificates are accepted by regulatory bodies mainly in Europe, they are informative and applicable worldwide.  


Institute Cyclos-HTP offers a certification system that allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. The certificate authorizes the use of the institute's certification logo, which indicates independent verification of the packaging's recyclability. The certificate indicates the recyclability of a product as a grade and a percentage, representing how much of the valuable material can be reused after the product is disposed of. A higher grade such as AAA+, signifies a 100% recyclability level, indicating a product's suitability for high-quality recycling. 


Oliver Healthcare Packaging has partnered with Institute Cyclos-HTP to certify several materials in their portfolio, including several proprietary pouching films. Below is an example of one of these certificates with descriptions of the various components

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Learn more about Oliver’s Certified Recyclable Pouching Films. 

Recyclable Films


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