Your 2023 Top 5 PackTalk Articles

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PackTalk was created to be a way for industry experts to connect about the latest news, innovations, and trends in healthcare. Our articles are written for experts, by experts and each year, we recap the top five articles on our PackTalk blog.  Check out the most popular articles of 2023: 

#5: History of Expiration Dates  

From pharmaceuticals to medical supplies, medical devices to medical packaging, research about expiration dates revealed some expected and some surprising finds. READ THE FULL ARTICLE  

 #4: What is a Sterile Barrier System  

A sterile barrier system is often present (and mandated by regulation) in the medical packaging industry. The concept of sterilization—or rather, the need for it—has been around for a long time. READ THE FULL ARTICLE  

  #3: Packaging 101: ISO 11607  

When you first enter the medical packaging industry, you’ll frequently hear about ISO 11607. But what does it mean and why is it important to understand? Here, we share the top six things you need to know about ISO 11607. READ THE FULL ARTICLE  

 #2: Oliver Healthcare Packaging Manufacturing Facility in Malaysia  

Oliver Healthcare Packaging (Oliver), a leading healthcare company driving quality and innovation in medical packaging, has announced that it will establish a new manufacturing facility in the southern state of Johor in Malaysia, its largest regional plant. READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

  #1: Oliver Healthcare Packaging Acquires EK-Pack  

Oliver Healthcare Packaging, a leading supplier of sterile barrier flexible packaging solutions to the global healthcare market, announced the acquisition of EK-Pack Folien GmbH, a manufacturer of high-quality film and foil technology. READ THE FULL ARTICLE 


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